Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins VI

It’s possible one might be able to spend the ENTIRE remainder of one’s life blogging, Link Loving, article writing (refer to Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins II for links to article-writing sites), friend-ing, liking, fanning, commenting, integrating new apps., building ‘virtual’ stores here, there and everywhere, adding every widget with creating visibility boost-potential, partnering, cross-promoting, couponing, give-awaying, donating, re-listing, up-listing, new listing, etc. ect. ect. YES! I am fiendishly working like a woman with hair on fire in the effort to ‘market’ HAH with the ultimate goal focused on developing the ALL IMPORTANT customer! OMG!

Let Me Entertain You!

Heartfire (click to hear me sing)

Prepare yourself…you have NO choice!! The fact is, when one HAS NO MARKETING BUDGET, one MUST seek, at the cost of developing carpal tunnel as well as being scorched and bald, every possible mode of advertisement! So, this is how you spell marketing budget: T-I-M-E and P-A-S-S-I-O-N!

Lesson 13: FYI!!

It’s all about

  • page rank
  • getting the word out
  • placing your product in several ‘online’ ‘or local venues
  • starting a conversation
  • seeing the brand (your avatar or product) OVER & OVER & OVER in as many places as possible! 

It’s about signing up for Google Alerts so that you can actually see that Google ‘crawlers’ FIND your product mentioned whenever it is mentioned, which will mostly be YOU mentioning it. HOWEVER, the PRAYER uttered daily is that eventually a HUMAN and not the ‘virtual crawler’ is going to discover the Hide a Heart®.

How do I know this and that the efforts pay off???? Before I count the ways, I must point out that usually the Google Alert for Hide a Heart is about my making a Link Love post or another Link Lover posting something on the HAH Fan Page …all of which is FANTASTICALLY helpful for keeping the Hide a Heart name flying about in the stratosphere (or, as I prefer and have probably made up…the ‘statusphere’) for Google crawlers to find! Or, the Google crawler will show a comment posted on the HAHinspires blog or this blog Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins 

HOWEVER, Four! Yes 4!!! REMARKABLE things happened last week!

1. In the Google Alert for Hide a Heart came an astounding realization!! Someone named Danniar at had featured the ‘Love You’ Hide a Heart listing along with some other products, NONE of which I can recall because I only have eyes for HAH! YES! I spend $39.+ monthly to list HAH on   It’s a fair amount, but as a ‘newbie’ getting credibility is crucial and HAS credibility!

2. A soldier stationed in Iraq purchased a HAH from the listing! I have been reeling from and wondering about that order ever since! A solider in Iraq!???? OMG!!!

I keep wondering about this sale. I wonder if it was because one of the soldiers to whom I sent supplies during the holidays through  shared with another solider the fact that a HAH had been tucked among the supplies in each box as an additional ‘hug from home’ ? I wonder if this solider was planning to send the HAH to his/her mother for Mother’s Day? I wonder if this soldier is planning to mail the HAH back and forth between where he/she is stationed to his wife or her husband back home? I wonder if this solider has a new relationship to nurture?  I’ll probably never really know, but the ‘wonder musing’ makes me smile.

3. The Google Page Ranking for moved up! I have a Google Page Rank tool installed on my browser. I was idly checking on other blogs and various articles where I might post a comment, similar to this one about Fort Hood massacre.

Often before posting, I check whether there’s any page ‘ranking’ for the article/blog. Why? Because I’ve been cautioned that to post a comment on UN-RANKED articles/blogs can be a colossal waste of time unless it’s a blog/article in which you just LOVE or want to participate…but, is it a complete waste of time?  What about the Google crawler!

So, last week I decided to check the HAH web page for one reason or another (most likely to admire the web page for which I spent a fair amount of $$ but to which I have NO access! Reference: Lesson 10 in Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins II) There it was! The Google Page Rank tool showed the ranking had moved from 1/10 to 2/10 THIS IS HUGE!!!!  Let me tell you. I was up out of the chair like a Roman Candle leaping about doing my version of  ‘the dance of utter delight’!

And finally, but not at all a small point:

4. The US Trademark for Hide a Heart was approved! This means I (we–you remember Randy?) own the trademark for 10 years with a renewing option! Now when writing HAH one can add the ® to let people know Hide a Heart ® is a Registered Trademark!

Hopefully, this will turn out to be $$ well-spent because what I’m looking for here is that HAH begins to catch the eye of Hallmark or American Greetings and they offer to purchase HAH!

Now there’s a dream of ASPIRATION!  And while number 4. hasn’t actually brought about the desired ROI,  I figure the effort of keeping HAH in the Google ‘Statusphere’ has to eventually draw the attention of one of those BIG GUYS!  And, “to dream the impossible dream…to fight the unbeatable foe…to try when your arms are too weary…to go where the brave dare not go” (MAN OF LA MANCHA, Music by Mitch Leigh, Lyrics by Joe Darion) is one of my TRADEMARKS–recall the Rhino Principal? I am a card carrying MEMBER of Group-Rhino!



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