Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins V

Oh La La!

Empty Changes  (click to download the song)

Now this is a relatively NEW lesson, but oh, so important enough that I felt it needed to be addressed ASAP!

Lesson 12 B: HEADS UP for those who might benefit from leaning of my error: NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!  remove media (meaning picture) you have included in a ‘media list’ from which to select pieces to be inserted into a published blog piece! FYI: I have learned the hard way: because one CANNOT go back and re-insert the removed picture once a piece is published.

If I’d really thought about it, I might have realised this would be the outcome…but one actually needs to UNDERSTAND what one is DOING before one can REALISE what ‘deleting’ something might create…or dis-create as it turns out!

I am referring to ‘Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins II’

….you will note the original logo is NOT to be found…even if I try to edit the piece, I cannot re-insert the image!

So BEWARE! When you are about to delete something and the message asks, “Do you REALLY want to permanently delete this image?”…it means ‘permanently’ and may I re-define ‘permanent’ to you, lest you have forgotten?

When I was ‘tatooed’ for radiation alignment, I was told “We need to permanently tatoo the dots on your jawbone and chin.” “Permanently?” I asked. “Permanently”, the tech said unblinking. “So, it won’t fade…disappear…can’t be removed???” I asked with trepidation.  The tech looked at me with some disdain and boredom and repeated slowly so I could comprehend, “The tatoos are P-E-R-M-A-N-E-N-T.”

” ‘Oh,” I whimpered and when I later told my husband with total digust, ‘They tatooed me!! Permanently!” He said sweetly in his most soothing and patronizing voice, trying to console me, “oh honey, I’m sure the tatoos will fade in time.” To which I barked, “Define PERMANENTLY!”

Well, delete media from a media list library and that message pops up stating ‘This is a PERMANENT delete. Do you want to proceed?” THINK VERY CAREFULLY on that idea for a bit before TOUCHING the button!

It means P-E-R-M-A-N-E-N-T-L-Y.


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