Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins IV

La Naissance

I awoke a little chagrin this morning because I need to point out that while my husband is NOT a huge participant in the daily tasks of HAH, he IS the person who:

  1. 28 years ago hid a little glass heart for me to find among my lingerie
  2. In February 2009 he and I were discussing ways we might help our son who was injured in a car crash 6 years ago and unable to be conventionally employed, and he suggested we (the royal WE!) start an internet business because, he sincerely believed that (you know…if you build it…they will come! Ha!) all we needed was a web site and a few hearts. (Uh Huh!)
  3. I asked what we would call it and he said  ‘Hide a Heart’

…and I always think I’m the one in the family with all the right-brained ideas! So, now that I have set the record absolutely straight, I shall proceed!


I spent time cleaning ‘Paris’ this morning. “What does she mean she cleaned ‘Paris’?!” You see a couple of years ago I awoke from a dream in which I perfectly saw the little powder room off the kitchen decorated in a Parisian theme! I so loved the idea of ‘tucking into Paris’ vs. “gotta hit the head” that I set about trying to re-create the vision, which originally was envisioned as painted harlequin design on the back of the door, across the ceiling trailing down behind the commode. However! After it took 5 hours to tape off the back of the door to even BEGIN painting the harlequin design, I had to admit the vision was BEYOND my abilities!!! (I have such complicated tastes! Eeee gads!) K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) in theory seems a good practice but turns out to be IMPOSSIBLE for me to implement!

Which brings me to Lesson 12:

One of the most pleasant experiences I have had with My Etsy shoppe is the connection I have made with other Etsians! To that end, I have found myself most closely associated with Sheilah, who once had an Etsy Shop. Sheilah and I met through a post in ‘Community’ and ‘Forums’ on the Etsy site that offered a ‘shop critique’ and Sheilah had FANTASTIC input for me along with Ellen of Turtle Trinkets who also shut down her Etsy shop, Lisa of Echosart, also shut- Jeri  of Jeri’s Jewels, Megan of Late Night Design, presently on vacation  and Amanda of Miss Lady Smith and currently open for business.

One of the critique suggestions made was that I probably needed more than 2 products in my shop with the additional challenge being we all spend a week developing, photographing and listing at least 10 ADDITIONAL products from which shoppers might choose!

I have to admit, it was soooooo easy with only 2 products, but I could see the point, so I began spending my time in the right-brian…which is where I spend most of my time, but it’s usually at a more leisurely pace than the challenge was demanding! Hence, if you visit Hide A Heart’s Etsy Shop, you see the upshot of the assemblage!

So, if you have a limited number of products in your Etsy shop, you may want to consider expanding the shopping experience for your customers.

Next post…making a banner…and when I first realized how time was going to be evaporating at an alarming rate when working on HAH!


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