Life on Mars–HideaHeart Begins III


Oh La La!

Note to Self: Do NOT begin blog postings with Roman Numerals unless you know how to write them all! I’m going to regret using Roman Numerals because there will come a time when I won’t know how to write them and be forced to use the usual numeric numbers…oh, so boring, but oh so within my ability! UNLESS someone reading the blog can provide me with a LONG list….let’s say through the number 75??? Surly I won’t have more to say past 75 postings!

Revisiting Lesson 1: Regarding a Web Page & Web Master:

I spent $$ on webpage software so I could build my own webpage. I thought it would be fun, not that hard, a great creative endeavor. The software I purchased was pretty good and allowed me to include music, graphics & photos and to edit, edit, edit to my hearts content.

Then there came that what I refer to as ‘the vulnerable moment of ignorance’ descended when I realized I had NO idea how to put it up on the web….didn’t know where one finds a shopping cart….had NO idea how to add the clickie thingy that allows someone to purchase a product…you know, all those little things! And that’s when I yelled “UNCLE!” and hired the first webmaster my husband called.

We met, we hired him (NOTE: If you are going to hire a webmaster, talk to more than ONE and talk to friends for recommendations of who they used and their experience) and I handed him sheets of paper upon which I had printed the several webpages I had already developed along with ideas, suggestions and questions—I expected him to build upon what I had already begun AND I discussed the fact that I wanted to have a ‘comments’ page included (which by the way was on one of the downloaded pages I handed him) because I wanted potential customers to be able to post their Hide a Heart stories….(The webmaster DENIED EVER discussing that idea with me….NOTE: Really good clue that I wasn’t going to be able to work with this webmaster was when he NEVER made a note of points we discussed in our 1st or ANY subsequent meeting!!! If people don’t take notes, they are NOT going to remember what you are asking them to do for you and can deny you said it! I HAD notes—I gave him a print out! He claimed if he’d known I wanted a comments page, it would have been a higher quote for the webpage development! HA! What was I thinking????!!!!!

Now to be absolutely fair, I am going to list the value of the webmaster:

  • The webmaster did introduce me to the fact that I needed to be writing EZING article
  • Insisted on good product photos
  • Called GoDaddy to get the webpage posted on the web with the GoDaddy shopping cart which included credit cards and PayPal–and included the ‘meta tags’ from the list I provided him

I’m sure there is more, but I REALLY, REALLY have to think about it.

Even IF I had understood that GoDaddy could have helped me with all of that, I still would have had to go through Lesson 10.5! So that’s why I’m saying Etsy is a LIFESAVER of a place to begin the, what I fondly refer to as ‘journey of entrepreneuering’. You see, Etsy provides LOTS of great ideas, support, tools, education and it’s so EASY…but when I say “easy” I do not mean to imply without some ‘learning’ or without the need for ENORMOUS TIME INVESTMENT—so be ready to find time where ever and when ever you have a spare moment…I take wee moments stolen from my REAL life demands, which also means sleep is compromised!

This of course means that I can no longer be responsible for planning dinner, ironing–I get things washed!–scrubbing floors, forget dusting let alone window washing! Jeez! My husband IS retired—he could do SOMETHING beside play golf and come up with ideas about how I could be using my time more PROFITABLY!–which reminds me…..

Lesson 11: Always! Always! Always! Make yourself the PRESIDENT of your project. I thought my husband looked a little ‘downcast’ when the attorney asked, “Since this is a single owner LLC, which name do we file it under?” I, being the oh, so sensitive wife watched my husband squirm in the chair and boldly and definitively said, “Randy!” Well, I want you to know, Randy plays golf 5-7 days a week and as President of the LLC, he is AWOL except with ideas of who I should be contacting, pitching, meeting, writing, connecting, submitting product, product development, and sales! Etc. etc. etc. AND then he wants a full accounting of financials! (I can see I cannot spend too much time on Lesson 11 or I’ll EXPLODE!)

To be continued–


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