10 People Who Would Love YOU to Hide a Heart!

Ever wondered who would love to you to Hide A Heart in a secret place for them to discover?

Grandmother or
Grandfather to Grandchild
Daughter to Mother
Mother to Daughter
Son to Mother
Mother to Son
Brother to Sister
Sister to Brother
Grandchild to Grandmother
or Grandfather
Lover to Lover
Friend to Friend

See you next time with more Hide a Heart ideas!
©Copyright 2009

One thought on “10 People Who Would Love YOU to Hide a Heart!

  1. Hide a Heart is a special gift to anyone you love. It is the universal symbol of heartfelt caring, and I have received such pleasure in giving “my heart” to a 90 year old mother who holds my love close to her every day, or to an adult daughter who now holds “my heart” so full of pride and love for her, and even a young granddaughter who holds grandma’s heart in support and love for all that she is. And, too, there are a few precious ladies who have warmly accepted my heartfelt friendship as expressed with a pretty glass Hide a Heart gift. The list is endless. Of course it is perfect to enhance romantic love, but I treasure Hide a Heart for introducing to me this beautiful outward symbol that continues to enhance so many of my meaningful relationships. Submitted by email by Susan S. for posting by Cathy

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